NRT clinch the first Krypton League playoff spot over 6Sinners.

NRT comeback from a 13-5 deficit to beat 6sinners in the third week match 25-23 on Inferno to make it to the playoffs in Krypton League.

6sinners won the first pistol round on Inferno with good entries from both BHR and Hatchet on the A Bombsite, as well as a 3k from Insightz to hold back the CT’s from getting anywhere near the bomb. 6sinners are then able to capitalize on the anti-eco rounds, getting them a 3-0 lead over NRT. NRT try to fight back with Jayden getting a massive 3k boosted up on top of porch, however Hatchet gets a massive 1v3 denying NRT their first round, making the score line 4-0 for 6sinners. The CT’s finally find some footing in the form of Jayden and Cloudy on the third gun round, NRT have their first round on scoreboard, 7-1. They are able to follow up on that gun round with a strong B-site hold from C4M and mahkoo, making the score 7-2. After losing another round, 6sinners finally step up and make it 9-3, but mahkoo gets a massive 1v4 to make the game 9-4. The two teams end up trading gun rounds and the half ended 10-5 in the favor of 6sinners.


The second half starts out exactly like the first one, with 6sinners taking the second pistol and capitalizing on both anti-eco rounds. NRT however win the first gun round with good openings from gingaa, jayden and mahkoo, as well as win the next anti eco round making the scoreline 13-7. The T-side follows up yet again with 2 gun round wins, shortening the gap between the two team’s scores. Hatchet however, stops NRT’s momentum getting 2 massive opening picks over at banana, which helps secure 6sinner’s fourteenth round. NRT strike back with a massive 1v2 coming out from cloudy, resetting the 6sinners economy, and guaranteeing the T-side eleven rounds. Fred had something to say about that, getting a massive 3k hold on the B-bombsite, giving 6sinners their fifteenth round. However, NRT come up massive and absolutely dominate 6sinners in the rest of their executes, bringing them to OT, 15-15. The 2 teams trade gun rounds, making it 21-21. 6sinners go up 23-22, but NRT goes massive on their T-side and wins 3 in a row, winning the match 25-23 and clinching the first Krypton League playoff spot.


I got to talk to gingaa, a player for NRT, after the game and this is what he had to say. “Honestly we didn’t come very prepared for this match, we only had five minutes of warm up since we thought the match was an hour later. We kind of used our CT side, which is our worse side, as a warm up, so we could bang out T-side and it became pretty easy from there”. Ariess, the leader of 6sinners who was not present for the match, said he was pretty happy with the result since he knows how good of a team NRT is.


Thunder Cloud also got cut due to his bad performance in the match. Which means 6sinners has cut a total of 13 players since their roster started. A new record in my opinion.


Written by ^Ian

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