NRT clinch the first Krypton League playoff spot over 6Sinners.

NRT comeback from a 13-5 deficit to beat 6sinners in the third week match 25-23 on Inferno to make it to the playoffs in Krypton League.

6sinners won the first pistol round on Inferno with good entries from both BHR and Hatchet on the A Bombsite, as well as a 3k from Insightz to hold back the CT’s from getting anywhere near the bomb. 6sinners are then able to capitalize on the anti-eco rounds, getting them a 3-0 lead over NRT. NRT try to fight back with Jayden getting a massive 3k boosted up on top of porch, however Hatchet gets a massive 1v3 denying NRT their first round, making the score line 4-0 for 6sinners. The CT’s finally find some footing in the form of Jayden and Cloudy on the third gun round, NRT have their first round on scoreboard, 7-1. They are able to follow up on that gun round with a strong B-site hold from C4M and mahkoo, making the score 7-2. After losing another round, 6sinners finally step up and make it 9-3, but mahkoo gets a massive 1v4 to make the game 9-4. The two teams end up trading gun rounds and the half ended 10-5 in the favor of 6sinners.


The second half starts out exactly like the first one, with 6sinners taking the second pistol and capitalizing on both anti-eco rounds. NRT however win the first gun round with good openings from gingaa, jayden and mahkoo, as well as win the next anti eco round making the scoreline 13-7. The T-side follows up yet again with 2 gun round wins, shortening the gap between the two team’s scores. Hatchet however, stops NRT’s momentum getting 2 massive opening picks over at banana, which helps secure 6sinner’s fourteenth round. NRT strike back with a massive 1v2 coming out from cloudy, resetting the 6sinners economy, and guaranteeing the T-side eleven rounds. Fred had something to say about that, getting a massive 3k hold on the B-bombsite, giving 6sinners their fifteenth round. However, NRT come up massive and absolutely dominate 6sinners in the rest of their executes, bringing them to OT, 15-15. The 2 teams trade gun rounds, making it 21-21. 6sinners go up 23-22, but NRT goes massive on their T-side and wins 3 in a row, winning the match 25-23 and clinching the first Krypton League playoff spot.


I got to talk to gingaa, a player for NRT, after the game and this is what he had to say. “Honestly we didn’t come very prepared for this match, we only had five minutes of warm up since we thought the match was an hour later. We kind of used our CT side, which is our worse side, as a warm up, so we could bang out T-side and it became pretty easy from there”. Ariess, the leader of 6sinners who was not present for the match, said he was pretty happy with the result since he knows how good of a team NRT is.


Thunder Cloud also got cut due to his bad performance in the match. Which means 6sinners has cut a total of 13 players since their roster started. A new record in my opinion.


Written by ^Ian

Krypton League Weekly Roster Moves


It’s the third week of the Krypton league match ups, and teams are looking to improve their rosters for the upcoming playoff matches. 6Sinners, a team that is storming through the competition with a 2-0 record, has recently dropped 2 of their players, despite their impressive results. I was able to get a word from the captain of 6Sinners, Ariess, on why he thought these changes were necessary, in which he replied, “Sometimes you gotta drop the bots, to reach the top”. Ariess also claimed that BHR is making all these roster moves, but unfortunately he was unavailable to speak.

Other teams have also made tremendous roster moves, such as NRT, the next opponents of the dominant 6Sinners. They have decided to remove Audex and add more fire power in the form of Jayden, a rank A player with a solid 12 RWS to his name. The reason for Audex’s departure from the main roster is unknown, but it may be because of his poor performance during NRT’s open playoff games.

Fluorescent also has picked up a player to replace cplays on their main roster, which will be ^Ian who was previously batting for 6Sinners. Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he dropped 9 kills in his only league match in krypton. Their opponents, FrostByte eSports, will be using 2 subs for this match, as Curfy and Virus will be unable to attend. Replacing them will be Bankzcs and n1ner, both very solid and all around players.

With all these roster movements and players subbing in, how will this affect this week’s matches of Krypton League? Tune in next time to see how these matches play out in this week’s edition of the Krypton Weekly.

Article by ^Ian


CS:GO Dream Teams (Pro Scene)

CS:GO Dream Teams

By: Kyle “CurFyTheFriend” Mendham

In CS:GO we have 4 major different areas of the world that play CS (NA, EU, AS, CIS). I will be explaining to you the best teams that you could make out of those regions. I will be trying to make teams that make sense and are reasonable, not just stacking a team with players that are really good, but in some cases I will because it’s the only possibility that I see working for these teams. I will be starting with Asia and for Asia I will be including people form the Oceanic region as well.

Asia Dream Team.

For the Asian players that I can see making a good team I would have to Bntet, Mo, jks, kaze and DD.

I would make Bntet the IGL/ Star player. He’s been putting up insane stats and deserves a team that works around him and I think they can do that with him.

I’d have Mo as the second awper and he could second entry with DD as the main entry, I feel they have the aim to play of each other and would destroy at second tier of CS.

Jks has literally been the best player on Renegades for a while and his stats show so. He could in my opinion make it out of the Asian scene and join a team in NA like Rickeh did.

Kaze was a really good player on Flash Gaming during the Eleague major and I can see him being on this team as the main awper, He’s been a pretty good awper and He would be a nice addition to this team.

DD would be a very good first entry player, he has good solid aim and he’s a good enough player to get the first pick and very good info for his team, With Mo behind him I can see them doing a lot of damage together.

I can see this team beating high tier 2 and low tier 1 teams. Teams I can see them matching up well versus teams on the terms of Gambit or Cloud 9.
CIS Dream Team.

The dream CIS team I see as the “Dream team” is Na’Vi minus Zeus and Edward

The reason I would cut Zeus is because he can’t frag at all, he’s just above Fifflaren and we know how that story goes, the team does good for a year or 2 and then Fifflaren (Zeus) does bad and they replace him. I feel that even tho Zeus and Na’Vi are doing well as a team right now, I can’t see them doing anything once 2019 comes around. Also if S1mple starts doing bad or drops of 20% the team won’t be top 5 at all. Zeus could definitely become Na’Vi’s coach and they could drop Kane.

So after saying that I think that ANGE1 would be an awesome replacement because he can frag as much as he dies. Also he’s a pretty good IGL.

For Edward I’d like to see a player like Styko take the role, Styko will hold that site for himself, he will flash for players like Simple and Electronic. Styko is kinda a quiet person which I don’t see working in this team, but with time I can see this team doing fairly well.
Styko is also just a very good support role and that is what this dream team would need.

Reason for S1mple being on this team is for reasons we all should know. But for the people who don’t. S1mple is one of the best players to ever touch the game of CS. He puts up fraging that I’ve never seen before, the only person you could compare him to is Niko on Mouse Sports, But still S1mple takes the icing on the cake.

Electronic is the second best player on Na’Vi and I’d easily put him in for top 10 player this year. He’s also been putting high numbers up. I compare Electronic and S1mple to the Krimz and Olof time where they worked of each other so well, I’d say best CS duo ever in CS.

Flamie has been playing very well for the role he needs to play, Na’Vi does not need any more star players so he perfectly fits where he is. He is fraging well and just needs to be a solid player and that’s what he is doing so he will fit in this super team very well.

So overall I feel that Flamie, Electronic , ANGE1 , S1mple and Styko would make the best lineup for the CIS region.

Also I know I just kinda inserted the players into Na’Vi, I just feel like Na’Vi is pretty much the best CIS team.

Europe Dream Team.

For the European side I see the team as Astralis. I can’t say anyone on Astralis has been doing poorly nore can I say I want one of the members to be removed. I don’t think this is the “Astralis era” because there are good teams like FaZe and Na’Vi out there who have both proven that they can beat Astralis. I’d love to see this team win the grand slam that is hosted by ESL and Intel.

North America Dream Team.

For the North American dream team I’d have to go with players from all different North American teams besides a few.

To start out for this team I’d have Elige, Twistzz, Tarik , nathE and Daps

Elige would be the star player and I’d let him have as much freedom as he needs as he’s a very good aimer and can easily out aim other North American players. Elige has played at the high level for a while and has been to a major final. (ESL One Cologne 2016)

Twistzz is a very good up and coming NA player and could be one of the best players in the coming years, Twistzz is still very young (18) and has so much time to become better and understand the game. I see Twistzz to become a top 20 player in 2019 and still has a chance this year if he steps his game up. Twistzz would be a second star with Elige.

Tarik has been outstanding this year besides Cloud 9 downfall in the early spring of 2018, During this time Tarik was still playing pretty decently and could carry C9 with the helps of Stewie. With the departing of Stewie to Sk Gaming (Soon to be MIBR) Tariks game fell off really badly and is still not in form now that he has joined back with Stewie in MIBR and is still playing poorly. Tarik would be a entry player

nathE has been playing very well on NRG and really deserves to be on a top NA team. I think if a team gave him a chance he could really make people surprised by how good he would be. I see nathE playing in more of a support role on this team.

Daps would be the IGL of this team and would play heavy support because of his lack of fraging. I feel that Daps is one of the best IGL’s in the NA scene which is not saying much saying we don’t have many IGL’s in NA.

KT scandal

The Korea Telecom Chief Executive Officer, Hwang Chang-Guy, is currently facing arrest for his alleged illegal donations to political campaigns. The current impact of the situation on Korea Telecom is so far unknown. The real question though is, “What will happen to the Korea Telecom League of Legends team?”

The KT Rolster LoL team is a well accomplished team that has a lot of experience in the League of Legends professional scene. The team originally came onto the Korean scene as a superteam ready to face up to the legendary team, SK Telecom, and bring in a new era of KT Rolster. Since the formation of the Korean superteam the roster has only disappointed in a series of dissapointing matches versus SKT. KT Rolster has however managed to attain some impressive titles in the Korean Scene and achieving some decent international placing.

The recent letdowns from the roster seems to hint at the possibility that the team might want to disband. The roster has been together since 2012 and players of that caliber will want to achieve the best of the best. KT Rolster has a lot of talented players and it would not be surprising if they disbanded to go off and play for different teams to see if they could make things work in seperate teams. These talented players are now probably considering offers from other organizations looking to greatly improve their team with talented additions. The team might also be potentially looking to play under another organization but that seems unlikely considering the results for the past 6 years.

After what has conspired with the CEO of Korea Telecom things seem to be being tipped in the direction of a split with the name Korea Telecom after the incident in upper management. Hopefully the talented players of KT Rolster will find another home in the massive League of Legends scene.

article by Diego “EleCtron1x” Gomez

Panorama UI

The new CSGO Panorama UI was put into the beta phase last weekend and shocked many in the CSGO community. The panorama UI is a complete overhaul of the entire UI. This move is a major move by valve to help redesign CSGO and connect with the community for more communication. The new UI might be a little confusing so I’ll be helping you through it.


The Main Menu

The Main Menu is probably one of the biggest changes to the UI, it now features many home screen features and a lot of reorganization. When you open up the game into the home screen you get a clean, transparent, smooth finish to the whole menu. On the right side you get your profile displayed, your rank, your friends, achievement progress, lobbies, incoming friend request and outbound friend requests. In your center screen you now have a player model holding a weapon (we’ll talk about this more later) and the usual news and on bottom center you have the regular coupons, store, keys and market.


The Left Side

The left side menu is now your key to accessing all of the truly important side. Your first choice on your left side is your play CSGO button. The new play CSGO menu gives you the same selection of game modes but changes the whole style. The new casual menu gives you a vertical tab of the map groups, Stigma, Delta, Dust II and Hostage, the same goes with all the game modes in exception for the competitive which now only gives a list of the competitive maps as the old UI.

The second option on the left side menu is your inventory. The inventory retains a similar style but changes up multiple things such as the inspect feature, we have true 360 degree inspect feature. Speaking of the inspect, we have the option to see what the skin looks like on a playermodel of your choosing (CT, T). We have a stylish background blur while we inspect our gun and we can see the usual on the bottom selection, weapon wear, finish, etc. You can also set your playermodel in center screen at the start of the game to be holding a weapon of choosing using a button at the bottom of your inspect feature.

The new GOTV watch screen now lists tournaments (majors) in a stylish showing of all tournaments, nothing major but still a neat cleanup. The top bar on your watch screen allows you to see your matches and the menu retains a similar look only with the transparent background and now highlights matches that are won or tied in green and losses in red. Maps are listed, duration is listed and date is listed. The replay feature has not changed.



The new gameplay is a solid clean, impressive and pretty sight. The team selection screen opens with a team choice, you can now choose a Terrorist logo with a Terrorist logo behind the playermodel and the same goes for Counter-Terrorist side, there is also a player and bot count listed. The general in game UI hasn’t really taken much of a change overall at all. The new buy menu has more of a “tactical” feel, now listing weapon stats with a stylish fill bar. A lot of the menu’s smaller components have been moved around to areas on the UI. The statistics page now lists helpful statistics such as ADR and something listed under “skill”. Overall, the gameplay UI hasn’t really been changed only been given a more stylistic change to it.


The new Panorama UI demonstrates Valve’s new attempts to communicate with the community and it seems that the Panorama UI is being received very well by the Counter Striker: Global Offensive, the style choices are neat, clean and impressive and have a lot to offer. The main menu is now well organized and much simpler than the older version of the game. The official version has yet to be released officially, it is still in the beta stage.

Project One announcement

FrostByte eSports has decided to step fowards with Project One. Project One is a mass team project dedicated to creating a competitive environment for teams. With an In House League and constant scrim our goal is for players to help each other to the top. stay tuned for more.

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