KT scandal

The Korea Telecom Chief Executive Officer, Hwang Chang-Guy, is currently facing arrest for his alleged illegal donations to political campaigns. The current impact of the situation on Korea Telecom is so far unknown. The real question though is, “What will happen to the Korea Telecom League of Legends team?”

The KT Rolster LoL team is a well accomplished team that has a lot of experience in the League of Legends professional scene. The team originally came onto the Korean scene as a superteam ready to face up to the legendary team, SK Telecom, and bring in a new era of KT Rolster. Since the formation of the Korean superteam the roster has only disappointed in a series of dissapointing matches versus SKT. KT Rolster has however managed to attain some impressive titles in the Korean Scene and achieving some decent international placing.

The recent letdowns from the roster seems to hint at the possibility that the team might want to disband. The roster has been together since 2012 and players of that caliber will want to achieve the best of the best. KT Rolster has a lot of talented players and it would not be surprising if they disbanded to go off and play for different teams to see if they could make things work in seperate teams. These talented players are now probably considering offers from other organizations looking to greatly improve their team with talented additions. The team might also be potentially looking to play under another organization but that seems unlikely considering the results for the past 6 years.

After what has conspired with the CEO of Korea Telecom things seem to be being tipped in the direction of a split with the name Korea Telecom after the incident in upper management. Hopefully the talented players of KT Rolster will find another home in the massive League of Legends scene.

article by Diego “EleCtron1x” Gomez

Panorama UI

The new CSGO Panorama UI was put into the beta phase last weekend and shocked many in the CSGO community. The panorama UI is a complete overhaul of the entire UI. This move is a major move by valve to help redesign CSGO and connect with the community for more communication. The new UI might be a little confusing so I’ll be helping you through it.


The Main Menu

The Main Menu is probably one of the biggest changes to the UI, it now features many home screen features and a lot of reorganization. When you open up the game into the home screen you get a clean, transparent, smooth finish to the whole menu. On the right side you get your profile displayed, your rank, your friends, achievement progress, lobbies, incoming friend request and outbound friend requests. In your center screen you now have a player model holding a weapon (we’ll talk about this more later) and the usual news and on bottom center you have the regular coupons, store, keys and market.


The Left Side

The left side menu is now your key to accessing all of the truly important side. Your first choice on your left side is your play CSGO button. The new play CSGO menu gives you the same selection of game modes but changes the whole style. The new casual menu gives you a vertical tab of the map groups, Stigma, Delta, Dust II and Hostage, the same goes with all the game modes in exception for the competitive which now only gives a list of the competitive maps as the old UI.

The second option on the left side menu is your inventory. The inventory retains a similar style but changes up multiple things such as the inspect feature, we have true 360 degree inspect feature. Speaking of the inspect, we have the option to see what the skin looks like on a playermodel of your choosing (CT, T). We have a stylish background blur while we inspect our gun and we can see the usual on the bottom selection, weapon wear, finish, etc. You can also set your playermodel in center screen at the start of the game to be holding a weapon of choosing using a button at the bottom of your inspect feature.

The new GOTV watch screen now lists tournaments (majors) in a stylish showing of all tournaments, nothing major but still a neat cleanup. The top bar on your watch screen allows you to see your matches and the menu retains a similar look only with the transparent background and now highlights matches that are won or tied in green and losses in red. Maps are listed, duration is listed and date is listed. The replay feature has not changed.



The new gameplay is a solid clean, impressive and pretty sight. The team selection screen opens with a team choice, you can now choose a Terrorist logo with a Terrorist logo behind the playermodel and the same goes for Counter-Terrorist side, there is also a player and bot count listed. The general in game UI hasn’t really taken much of a change overall at all. The new buy menu has more of a “tactical” feel, now listing weapon stats with a stylish fill bar. A lot of the menu’s smaller components have been moved around to areas on the UI. The statistics page now lists helpful statistics such as ADR and something listed under “skill”. Overall, the gameplay UI hasn’t really been changed only been given a more stylistic change to it.


The new Panorama UI demonstrates Valve’s new attempts to communicate with the community and it seems that the Panorama UI is being received very well by the Counter Striker: Global Offensive, the style choices are neat, clean and impressive and have a lot to offer. The main menu is now well organized and much simpler than the older version of the game. The official version has yet to be released officially, it is still in the beta stage.

Project One announcement

FrostByte eSports has decided to step fowards with Project One. Project One is a mass team project dedicated to creating a competitive environment for teams. With an In House League and constant scrim our goal is for players to help each other to the top. stay tuned for more.

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