FrostByte heads into 2019 with a storm.

FrostByte has come into 2019 with a storm, at the moment we have several teams prepared and geared up to compete in a couple leagues. Here is the information.

Our Dota team will be competing in the North American Dota Challenger League for $6,000! You can watch the matches and streams here:

Our Rainbow 6 Roster has been in development since August 14th of 2018 and they’re ready to face the world with their head held up high! They were invited to the Motiv R6 League after going through the qualification process and will be competing online starting March 1st. Here is the private discord of the league:

Our ESEA Main team is currently sitting at 7-2-0 in Main. We currently sit at #20. We expect the team to do well and advance to playoffs. We all wish the team good luck in their run this season, they’ve done amazing so far.

Our ESEA IM team is at 6-3-0. Wish them luck in future matches.

FrostByte Alone sits at 5-4-0 in ESEA Main. FrostByte Black is at 7-3-0 in ESEA Open, wish both of these teams good luck.

Check out our Twitter to stay up to date!

FrostByte Recap.

FrostByte is back with several new exciting updates, read this article for info on our recent tournament win, our new partnerships and our IM team’s incredible record.

FrostByte Black Squad

FrostByte Black Squad, a top 5 Brazilian roster, has won the eSports Cup BS Championship, securing a 3 game win in a one sided BO5 over 1k.CpS. Their recent win is a massive morale booster for the squad and they plan to head into their next tournament, the Black Squad Premiere League (Connect). They’ve also picked up an American player to play with their lineup, Alex “InSightz” Lange. Wish the squad good luck as they head into the league.

FrostByte has recently partnered with two different aspiring ventures:

VoucH Gaming

We are proud to announce our partnership with VoucH Gaming
VoucH Gaming has outstanding community servers for CS:GO.
These servers are normal 10 man, retake, execute and BHOP servers.
Unlike other community servers, VoucH Gaming servers have their own XP
ranking system that uses CS:GO ranks.
The servers also include the !knife, !gloves, !ws and !rank system.
Make sure to join their Discord server for access to private Discord 10 mans.
Have fun!


We just partnered with Trivskins! Trivskins is a innovative, fun and exciting new game giveaway and game system that tests players knowledge of the game. Go check them out on their website ‬


FrostByte IM

FrostByte IM is competing in their 6th game of the season later tonight, they’ve kicked off and incredible season so far going 4-1-0 in IM. Their first match under the organization was a solid 16-4 win against team prodigy on Inferno. Wish the team good luck for the rest of the season as they mow through the competition.

FrostByte acquires “prettyboys” and “alone”.

FrostByte eSports returns to ESEA main with not one team, but two!

We have picked up prettyboys and alone. We have previously worked with alone and they gave us a solid season and return to play for us this season under our banner. We have also picked up prettyboys, they are a solid roster coming from ESEA IM playoffs. Wish both teams luck as they compete to make ESEA advanced.

FrostByte Main (prettyboys):
FrostByte Alone (alone):

Join discord and say hi!

Introducing our acquisition of EnTr.

FrostByte eSports has acquired EnTr eSports.

They are a high level organization competing in multiple different games and are happy to take in their assets.

List of incoming teams:

EnTr Fortnite
EnTr Rocket League
EnTr Rainbow 6 Siege

Give them a warm welcome and stay frosty!

FrostByte Announcement

FrostByte 2.0

FrostByte Main finishes October 7-5-0

Congratulations to the ESEA Main team for giving a solid run this month, they move onto their next set of games next month in November.

Here are the match results.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Back to Open < Frostbyte Esports de_cache Win 0-16 Oct 4 18

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Frostbyte Esports > superhentai de_mirage Win 16-6 Oct 10 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Frostbyte Esports < Bug Brothers de_train Loss 8-16 Oct 14 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Sad Boys -_- < Frostbyte Esports de_overpass Win 8-16 Oct 16 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Space Monkeys < Frostbyte Esports de_train Win 16-19 Oct 17 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Frostbyte Esports < DVSN Gaming de_dust2 Loss 14-16 Oct 21 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Frostbyte Esports < BZG Esports de_overpass Loss 17-19 Oct 24 18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – The Chum Bucket < Frostbyte Esports de_train Win 17-19 Oct 25 18

Glacial League Amateur Tournament

Hi! We here at FrostByte have decided to nurture the young competitive community by hosting our own tournament, Glacial League. The Tournament has a $150 prize pool.

We will however be hosting a larger league for high skill competitive teams in the future with a prize pool over a thousand dollars of a prize pool.

These amateur teams try to prove themselves in a competitive format. This league will be running a swiss format like many other leagues. All matches best of one, win 3 to qualify, lose 3 to be eliminated, you will always play a team with the same record, and never play the same team twice.. All Playoff games will be BO3 The entry fee is 10$ per team, coaches included but if you need subs it will cost you $1 with a max of 2 substitutes. This is non-refundable so make sure you will be attending before playing. Register here:

FrostByte picks up Team Alone

Hi! We recently dropped FrostByte Main (no longer) due to internal issues with the team.


The time has come!


Team Alone, first team to beat Old Guys Club, famous for having Shroud, Nothing and Fifflaren. They made the front page of reddit and have notable achievements such as making 3rd place in ESEA Open. We’re proud to have them on board, say hi to them in discord and watch the road to winning Main.


Krypton League Week 4



The fourth week of Krypton League has finally come to a close, and that means three more teams have advanced to the playoff stage of the tournament. Loaded eSports and We Global both took decisive victories over 6Sinners and Fluorescent Gaming, 16-6 for Loaded and 16-2 for We Global respectively. Temper also did not seem to have that much trouble against their opponent, Arcane, winning out on Inferno 16-8. Unfortunately, three teams moving up also mean three teams get eliminated from the tournament. Team Supremacy easily win out against Xaris 16-1 on Cache, whose only win was against O’Fire who forfeited their match due to not having a full roster before the match. The two other teams to avoid elimination were Tooka Pack and Starris, eliminating Frostbyte eSports and InVerse CSGO. The matchups for week five have already been decided, as Fluorescent Gaming will go up against Arcane, Team Supremacy will take on Tooka Pack, and 6Sinners will face against Starris.  


Roster Changes :


Fluorescent Gaming have decided to bench Inky and move him as a permanent sub. Stilled commented that Inky was “not dedi” enough for their team. His replacement was originally going to be gang, but Stilled claimed that gang has “too big of an ego”, and decided to cut him after he had a heated argument with one of their core players, Louiss. As of right now, Fluorescent Gaming are still looking for a fifth for their Krypton match.


6Sinners now has two core players from their original roster, Ariess and BHR. However, BHR has voluntarily left 6Sinners to join his friends team, Acidic, whose not competing in Krypton at the moment. Eptima has now joined 6Sinners as their captain, and their competing roster now looks like Eptima, Ariess, Fred, Silence and Insightz. Ariess commented on this saying “we just want to finish out Krypton no matter what, this team will probably break apart after this anyways”.


Irish has also been moving some minor things around for Team Supremacy, adding Amped and Austin to their sub list. Amped will reportedly be playing in the Tooka Pack game over Awake for unknown reasons, but most likely to be because of scheduling conflicts.


Here are some predictions I have for the upcoming matches:


Team Supremacy 16 – 5 Tooka Pack

Fluorescent Gaming 16 – 11 Arcane

6Sinners 16 – 3 Starris     


Written by ^Ian

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