Krypton League Week 4



The fourth week of Krypton League has finally come to a close, and that means three more teams have advanced to the playoff stage of the tournament. Loaded eSports and We Global both took decisive victories over 6Sinners and Fluorescent Gaming, 16-6 for Loaded and 16-2 for We Global respectively. Temper also did not seem to have that much trouble against their opponent, Arcane, winning out on Inferno 16-8. Unfortunately, three teams moving up also mean three teams get eliminated from the tournament. Team Supremacy easily win out against Xaris 16-1 on Cache, whose only win was against O’Fire who forfeited their match due to not having a full roster before the match. The two other teams to avoid elimination were Tooka Pack and Starris, eliminating Frostbyte eSports and InVerse CSGO. The matchups for week five have already been decided, as Fluorescent Gaming will go up against Arcane, Team Supremacy will take on Tooka Pack, and 6Sinners will face against Starris.  


Roster Changes :


Fluorescent Gaming have decided to bench Inky and move him as a permanent sub. Stilled commented that Inky was “not dedi” enough for their team. His replacement was originally going to be gang, but Stilled claimed that gang has “too big of an ego”, and decided to cut him after he had a heated argument with one of their core players, Louiss. As of right now, Fluorescent Gaming are still looking for a fifth for their Krypton match.


6Sinners now has two core players from their original roster, Ariess and BHR. However, BHR has voluntarily left 6Sinners to join his friends team, Acidic, whose not competing in Krypton at the moment. Eptima has now joined 6Sinners as their captain, and their competing roster now looks like Eptima, Ariess, Fred, Silence and Insightz. Ariess commented on this saying “we just want to finish out Krypton no matter what, this team will probably break apart after this anyways”.


Irish has also been moving some minor things around for Team Supremacy, adding Amped and Austin to their sub list. Amped will reportedly be playing in the Tooka Pack game over Awake for unknown reasons, but most likely to be because of scheduling conflicts.


Here are some predictions I have for the upcoming matches:


Team Supremacy 16 – 5 Tooka Pack

Fluorescent Gaming 16 – 11 Arcane

6Sinners 16 – 3 Starris     


Written by ^Ian

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