Glacial League is a Semi-Professional pay-to-enter tournament created by Frostbyte in September of 2018. The idea turned into reality in January of 2019 when owners “_deXter” and “jakewberry” combined ideas and staff teams to expand Glacial League’s marketing potential and overall productivity. In the first combined season 12 semi-professional CS:GO teams paid and entered the tournament for a $135 prize pool. Glacial League makes great effort to make sure each match game is live streamed, casted, and then uploaded to one YouTube channel for ease of review. The Staff are constantly looking for ways to improve organization and quality of play for the community. This includes a team of Casters/Streamers personalized to Glacial League, customized server space and brackets managed by Admins, intuitive Discord Bot use for server management and tournament functions, as well as many others. We are always looking for more help or community members, please join us with the link below.


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