Glacial League Amateur Tournament

Hi! We here at FrostByte have decided to nurture the young competitive community by hosting our own tournament, Glacial League. The Tournament has a $150 prize pool.

We will however be hosting a larger league for high skill competitive teams in the future with a prize pool over a thousand dollars of a prize pool.

These amateur teams try to prove themselves in a competitive format. This league will be running a swiss format like many other leagues. All matches best of one, win 3 to qualify, lose 3 to be eliminated, you will always play a team with the same record, and never play the same team twice.. All Playoff games will be BO3 The entry fee is 10$ per team, coaches included but if you need subs it will cost you $1 with a max of 2 substitutes. This is non-refundable so make sure you will be attending before playing. Register here:

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