FrostByte Recap.

FrostByte is back with several new exciting updates, read this article for info on our recent tournament win, our new partnerships and our IM team’s incredible record.

FrostByte Black Squad

FrostByte Black Squad, a top 5 Brazilian roster, has won the eSports Cup BS Championship, securing a 3 game win in a one sided BO5 over 1k.CpS. Their recent win is a massive morale booster for the squad and they plan to head into their next tournament, the Black Squad Premiere League (Connect). They’ve also picked up an American player to play with their lineup, Alex “InSightz” Lange. Wish the squad good luck as they head into the league.

FrostByte has recently partnered with two different aspiring ventures:

VoucH Gaming

We are proud to announce our partnership with VoucH Gaming
VoucH Gaming has outstanding community servers for CS:GO.
These servers are normal 10 man, retake, execute and BHOP servers.
Unlike other community servers, VoucH Gaming servers have their own XP
ranking system that uses CS:GO ranks.
The servers also include the !knife, !gloves, !ws and !rank system.
Make sure to join their Discord server for access to private Discord 10 mans.
Have fun!


We just partnered with Trivskins! Trivskins is a innovative, fun and exciting new game giveaway and game system that tests players knowledge of the game. Go check them out on their website ‬


FrostByte IM

FrostByte IM is competing in their 6th game of the season later tonight, they’ve kicked off and incredible season so far going 4-1-0 in IM. Their first match under the organization was a solid 16-4 win against team prodigy on Inferno. Wish the team good luck for the rest of the season as they mow through the competition.

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