FrostByte heads into 2019 with a storm.

FrostByte has come into 2019 with a storm, at the moment we have several teams prepared and geared up to compete in a couple leagues. Here is the information.

Our Dota team will be competing in the North American Dota Challenger League for $6,000! You can watch the matches and streams here:

Our Rainbow 6 Roster has been in development since August 14th of 2018 and they’re ready to face the world with their head held up high! They were invited to the Motiv R6 League after going through the qualification process and will be competing online starting March 1st. Here is the private discord of the league:

Our ESEA Main team is currently sitting at 7-2-0 in Main. We currently sit at #20. We expect the team to do well and advance to playoffs. We all wish the team good luck in their run this season, they’ve done amazing so far.

Our ESEA IM team is at 6-3-0. Wish them luck in future matches.

FrostByte Alone sits at 5-4-0 in ESEA Main. FrostByte Black is at 7-3-0 in ESEA Open, wish both of these teams good luck.

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