Krypton League Weekly Roster Moves


It’s the third week of the Krypton league match ups, and teams are looking to improve their rosters for the upcoming playoff matches. 6Sinners, a team that is storming through the competition with a 2-0 record, has recently dropped 2 of their players, despite their impressive results. I was able to get a word from the captain of 6Sinners, Ariess, on why he thought these changes were necessary, in which he replied, “Sometimes you gotta drop the bots, to reach the top”. Ariess also claimed that BHR is making all these roster moves, but unfortunately he was unavailable to speak.

Other teams have also made tremendous roster moves, such as NRT, the next opponents of the dominant 6Sinners. They have decided to remove Audex and add more fire power in the form of Jayden, a rank A player with a solid 12 RWS to his name. The reason for Audex’s departure from the main roster is unknown, but it may be because of his poor performance during NRT’s open playoff games.

Fluorescent also has picked up a player to replace cplays on their main roster, which will be ^Ian who was previously batting for 6Sinners. Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he dropped 9 kills in his only league match in krypton. Their opponents, FrostByte eSports, will be using 2 subs for this match, as Curfy and Virus will be unable to attend. Replacing them will be Bankzcs and n1ner, both very solid and all around players.

With all these roster movements and players subbing in, how will this affect this week’s matches of Krypton League? Tune in next time to see how these matches play out in this week’s edition of the Krypton Weekly.

Article by ^Ian


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