FrostByte eSports (AKA Team FrostByte) is a gaming organization dedicated to driving the future of eSports. Founded in 2018 by Counter -Strike Global: Offensive player Diego Gomez, otherwise known as "EleCtron1x" with the intention of hitting the same level of success, if not further than organizations like 100Thieves, Cloud9 and Fnatic.

Originally manned by a group of friends who branched off a smaller organization known as "Realeza eSports" (inactive as of August, 2018) and these four had plenty of experience in the eSports teams with plenty of jobs as admins and moderators for organizations such as Instant-Shock and BlackHawk X. These four people (EleCtron1x, JimmyStoopes, Eli, Strike) worked hard over consistently and achieved over 200+ members in the first month of being active. Since then the organization has clocked in over 70+ members per week and just continues to grow.

The Organization is dedicated to using our talented design team, management team and all resources to help players grow. If you navigate the website you can see the several teams under FrostByte, We help these teams achieve the dream of pro with all our assets and power.


Carving the future of eSports.

FrostByte eSports




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